30th April 2012

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A loud swooshing sound wakes me. Who is being so carelessly loud? Curious, I look down from my hiding spot and see three people: two boys, and one girl. They’re not dressed in the tribute’s uniform, I notice.

"Where are we?" the girl whispers.

What an odd question. This is the arena, of course. Maybe I’m dreaming, and they’re just an extension of my imagination. They surely don’t look like they belong anywhere but there. Just then, the voices of the Careers snap me awake, and I realize that, no, this is not a dream. These strange people are here in the flesh, and they’re about to be attacked. To their credit, they take off running as soon as the danger presents itself. They have no chance though, with no weapons, and no real sense of what is happening - but I spoke too soon. As the Careers continue to gain ground, the girl pulls out what looks like a wooden stick. With a flourish of her hand, a blinding light bursts out, dropping the Careers one by one. She single handedly took down all of the Careers with nothing more than a wooden stick! Every instinct in my body is telling me to remain still and avoid detection, but curiosity keeps nipping at the edges. I have to know who they are. I jump down from my tree and head cautiously to where they now stand, the three of them, hand in hand. However, before I have the chance to mutter a word, the three of them disappear in a swirl of colours. Just like that. Gone without a trace. 


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